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Armstrong Vinyl Flooring Singapore


Armstrong vinyl flooring is one of the best options at your discretion. It is widely considered to be a much better alternative to hardwood, tiles and natural stones. Armstrong vinyl flooring is affordable, highly customizable and the sheer options will be enough to satiate you.

What is Armstrong Vinyl Flooring?
Simply put, Armstrong vinyl flooring is made of natural and synthetic materials. There are many variants. You could opt for one that has natural stones engineered with synthetic materials. You can opt for a completely engineered material, that doesn’t include any natural stone or other material. There are options galore.

Applications of Armstrong Vinyl Flooring
Armstrong vinyl flooring makes for fashionable floors, they are flexible to install, there is a wide variety of design and is eco friendly. In other words, they can be used almost anywhere. You could have Armstrong vinyl flooring in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, study, patio or deck, commercial areas, workspaces or utilities areas in homes and offices.

Pros & Cons of Armstrong Vinyl Flooring

  • Materials manufactured using cutting edge vinyl flooring technology is highly resilient. You wouldn’t find such flooring to chip away or get dented, to crack or have any such aesthetic and structural problem after installation. There is no scope of contraction and expansion, it is highly resistive of moisture and the floors can be cleaned effortlessly.
  • There is a ton of choices. Just to give you an idea, you could opt for colors ranging from white to black, beige to red, yellow to brown, orange to grey, tan to copper, green to blue and multicolor shades. Armstrong vinyl flooring can emulate any aesthetic or look you want. You could get distressed wood appearance, specialty wood, traditional wood, stone and other natural designs or textures, decorative and geometric patterns or other designs that suit your preferences. There are low gloss, high gloss and various degrees of sheen that you can get in such flooring materials. You can pick from sheet, tile or planks of varying sizes.

There is hardly any shortcoming of Armstrong vinyl flooring. If it can be regarded as a disadvantage, it would be better if you hire a pro for the installation.

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