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Cork Flooring Singapore


Cork has become a very popular flooring option. While it is not a recent innovation, the popularity of cork flooring before the turn of the century was certainly negligible. It is obvious that the focus on sustainable resources and eco friendly flooring materials has made Cork Oak an interesting choice.

What is Cork Flooring?
As the name implies, cork flooring is made of cork, the impermeable and buoyant material obtained from the bark tissue of the Cork Oak tree that grows in abundance across Europe and Africa. Cork is a natural product, it is fire resistant, it doesn’t undergo any noticeable change after processing, there are no toxic fumes, gases or any byproducts should cork be combusted and it is one of the most viable and durable, eco friendly or sustainable resources for flooring.

Applications of Cork Flooring
Cork is a sound absorber, an impact resistance material and it provides walking comfort. You may be aware but may not have noticed consciously, churches and libraries often use cork flooring because it is a sound absorber. Pubs and such places where loud music is a daily phenomenon also use cork flooring. The soft floor which provides walking comfort, the ability to ensure impact resistance so heavy traffic of footfall doesn’t cause any problem and the aesthetic brilliance of the material make it a wonderful choice.

Cork flooring can be installed in living rooms, studies, kitchens, bedrooms, commercial places and offices. It is better not to use cork flooring in bathrooms, basements or any area that would get exposed to too much moisture, water or temperature fluctuations. Cork is after all a component of wood. It will be subjected to structural changes when the temperature fluctuates.

Pros & Cons of Cork Flooring

  • Cork is relatively affordable. It is aesthetically pleasing and fire resistant. It is a natural sound absorber. The material is soft and ensures walking comfort. It can bear a lot of traffic without getting dented or cracked. It ensures optimum insulation which is an amazing benefit. The material is flexible so it can be tweaked to any form or structure and it also helps in ensuring durability. Cork can keep away mold, bugs, mites, mildew and bacteria. Cork flooring feels warm during colder temperature and unaffected by the heat.
  • The only shortcoming of cork flooring is that it is not ideal for bathrooms and basements, or outdoor areas that can get exposed to rain and snow.

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