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Home Carpet Tiles


Carpet tiles also known as modular carpet or carpet squares are a stylish and modern alternative choices to standard carpets. They are not only easy to install by yourself but also possess several benefits. Often used in outdoor settings they are more and more being used as home flooring as they match any room’s décor.

Carpet tiles styles

Carpet tiles are available in different colors and styles.  They come in pile styles, manufactured types, several fiber types as well as sizes.

Apart from color and style, carpet tiles are different from standard carpet rolls in terms of their backing material type. In carpet tiles the backing material can be made of vinyl, vinyl/fiberglass, fiberglass, urethane, recycled vinyl and woven polypropylene. These backing systems are important to carpet tiles as they provide support and assist the carpet withstand moisture.

In addition, these carpets are also available in both adhesive and non-adhesive styles. There are those that can stick on their own and also there are those that require glue.

Benefits of carpet tiles.

  • They can be installed over any kind of flooring whether wooden or tiled. This enables one to quickly change or add a new look without having to renovate the entire floor.
  • Easy to clean and care for; the tiles don’t require any form of padding hence they can easily be removed to clean and in case a section of it is damaged it can easily be removed and replaced with a new one.
  • They allow for flexibility in terms of design allowing you to add more texture and depth to a room.
  • Most of these carpets are stain resistance which is particularly important if you are concerned about children spilling over drinks or pet stains.

With so many benefits, carpet tiles are stylish and affordable flooring alternative for any home. They are easy to install, clean, maintain and even flexible allowing you to change your design to whatever you want at any time.

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