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Resilient Flooring Singapore


As the name implies, resilient flooring is supposed to be more durable and thus a better investment. Beyond durability, there are many advantages of resilient flooring that have made it a popular choice.

What is Resilient Flooring?
Resilient flooring is made of vinyl and its variants. It combines certain natural and synthetic materials which are then engineered to form various types of flooring. It isn’t just design, color or aesthetic, resilient flooring can be engineered to be in the form of sheet, tile or plank. There are affordable vinyl tiles and planks. There are luxury resilient flooring options. Whichever variant suits your budget can be your pick.

Applications of Resilient Flooring
Resilient flooring can be installed just about anywhere. It is ideal for homes, be it the living room or bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. It is good for outdoor spaces, from decks to patios and even driveways. It is a great choice for commercial establishments such as stores or offices. The materials are very strong so they can withstand heavy traffic. Given the treatments such as coatings and other engineering wonders, resilient flooring can be made scratch resistant, resistive to dust and grime, termite proof and obviously waterproof.

Pros & Cons of Resilient Flooring
Resilient flooring is an eco friendly choice. Eco renewal of materials like wood is hard but resilient flooring doesn’t have any such concern. Resilient flooring can imitate any style or aesthetic so it could be wood like, it can emulate the appearance of natural stones or any other material that you can think of. It can be better than hardwood because you would get the aesthetic but in more variants and none of the shortcomings of hardwood. Resilient flooring is more affordable than natural stones or wooden flooring. It can be a click system or one that has to be adhered. The flexibility in all aspects is the primary reason why people opt for resilient flooring. There is hardly any shortcoming or disadvantage of resilient flooring.

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