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Rubber Tiles Singapore


It is becoming more common for many business especially gyms and childcare centers to use rubber flooring. Previously these businesses and centers were using marble flooring because it was easier to sanitize and clean up messes or spills and would place mats here and there for protection and cushioning.

Even in many home that are equipped with hardwood flooring, placing rubber tile flooring over the hardwood to give the home more protection when children are playing and to help hold more heat into the home saving more on families and companies’ heating bills by hundreds.

The installation of rubber flooring is simple. Like other flooring you can choose the colors of the rubber tiles for your fitness center, home, childcare center, etc. Once the color is chosen, you place the first rubber tile in the corner and start working your way out in both directions from the tile slowly filling the perimeter of the room. Depending on if you are doing your flooring yourself or hiring a profession to complete the installation for you, most rubber tiles will come with plastic connectors that pins to connect the tiles together from the perimeter to the inner part of the room. Make sure the pins are connecting through the predrilled holes on the side of the tiles.

Once this is completed and the room is covered in the rubber tiles, sometimes there will be gaps. Depending on how bad the gap is you can either smack it down with your hand or most professionals recommend using a rubber mallet and hitting the tile at an angle causing the gap to close. With any excess tiles, you can easily trim it using a small saw and a framing square cutting straight angles and getting rid of any excess to have a flat, even floor. And now you can start to place whatever equipment or furniture you would like in the room as now you have a beautiful done rubber tile flooring.

The best feature of having rubber tile flooring is if you have kids or running a childcare center, it prevents injuries to children that are still learning to walk or are crawling. The same goes for fitness centers, no one wants to do their stretches or do their warm-ups on hard marble flooring. The rubber tile floors are easier on the joints and will help prevent any injury or wear on the bones and joints. Not to mention if you flip while in tree pose during yoga you won’t have to worry about landing on hard flooring as the rubber tiles are fairly cushioned!

It is recommended for any home or business that hasn’t added rubber flooring should consider the switch as the benefits outweigh the cons by many. In fact, the only con there really is to rubber flooring is that sometimes they are harder to clean and sanitize as marble or hardwood flooring would. But using the right cleaners will help make this easier and some even use thin laminate that almost look like wall paper to cover the rubber tiles for a better look and easier to clean. So, if you haven’t made the switch, you should consider doing so as you will thank yourself later for making the switch!

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