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Bathroom Tiles Singapore


When we talk about bathroom tiles the information there is so massive and wide that it may takes us weeks just to decide what exactly we would like to accomplish. Having a professional helping us with the styling could be helpful but after all we want to be ones responsible for the bathroom tiles in our home. Modern housing and apartment construction is often neglecting the space needed for a big bathroom so we might be in a position where we have to compromise on some of our wishes – let’s face it, optimization is key when it comes down to bathroom styling.

Bathroom tile ideas
The options here are literally limitless. You can be as classic as going with Spanish or Italian style and just copying the full idea or you can create your own personal walls of magic by combining two or more styles into one that represents you best.

Most classic fans will inform you that you have two main options – fully tiled or half tiled walls. If you choose neutral colored walls you can combine them with a mosaic or a glass border to create the illusion of more space. If you like taking risks and want to paint bolder colors on your walls, the half tiled option is for you – it can easily be combined with neutral painted shades. Another great option for your bathroom walls can be choosing a reflective walls – they will make the bathroom look bigger and brighter, even with a darker tile. Bonus tip here – the trend is going all green so you cannot go wrong with that color.

Choosing your style
Whether you are doing all the work yourself or if you have called a professional to be helping you, the styles you can choose from are plenty. Before starting all the work you should have a clear idea what is it that you want for your bathroom walls and floors. Are you going with the timeless looking stone or a modern mosaic? Are you looking for easier cleaning process or the aesthetics are more important to you? A larger floor tile will give you a contemporary look, while glossy tile will maximize the light by reflecting it. A modern thread in recent years has come from art – more and more people are placing art forms and creations on their bathroom floors that give them unique looks.

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