Bathroom Vinyl Floor - Classic Style


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Bathroom Vinyl Flooring – Classic Style

Tired of the same décor in your bathroom? Want to make your bathroom attractive? Then go for remodeling or updating your bathroom with vinyl flooring. Generally flooring can be a big expense when you are redesigning your bathroom and so vinyl flooring can be the best options for the homeowners who want to go for budget-friendly flooring. People generally want to use hardwood or tile in bathroom flooring for the classic look but many times budget won’t allow them to use that. Vinyl flooring can be the best solution as vinyl tile comes in large variations of color, patterns, and styles and they also provide similar look to stone or wood. You can choose multiple designs and combine them and create a pattern and design to make your bathroom look all the more attractive and welcoming. Vinyl can give the similar look of hardwood or tile but it is actually very soft because of foam backing. The other good thing about vinyl flooring is it is very economical.  Whenever you find that vinyl glossy coating is becoming dull, then by using vinyl floor wax, the shine can be restored The benefits of using Vinyl flooring in bathroom

  • Wide range of color choice: as it has wide range of color options , it can easily fit in any décor
  • Resistant to moisture: the best thing about vinyl tile is it is resistant to humidity, moisture and steam making it the best choice for your bathroom where water often flows on the floor but then too water would not penetrate into this material
  • Easy cleaning: it is very easy to clean, you can  clean it simply by washing or sweeping with regular cleaning products , this will keep your vinyl flooring clean and bright
  • Durability: if it is maintained properly, vinyl flooring can last up to 5 years or even longer.
  • Quick and easy installation: it comes in tiles, planks and sheets and is very easy to install. They are generally manufactured with peel and stick backings making it easier to handle. Even homeowner can install by themselves but it is important to make sure that your subfloor is dry and leveled.

Some of the disadvantages of Vinyl Flooring:

  • Difficult to repair: vinyl flooring cannot be repaired or refinished, once it is damaged it needs to be removed and replaced
  • Fading of color: vinyl is not very friendly with sunlight, so if it exposed to sunlight the patterns and colors will begin to fade.
  • Surface irregularities: – with passing time it generally develop bumps and curls at the edges or along the seams
  • Though vinyl flooring is durable but can still be damaged if the floor is ripped or scratched by sharp objects

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