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Ceramic Tiles Singapore


Ceramic tiles flooring has become one of the most popular flooring options of the twenty-first century. It is not a recent development. Ceramic flooring has been around for decades but the advantages have made it a sort of default choice for many homeowners and commercial property owners.

What is Ceramic Tiles Flooring?
Ceramic flooring is primarily in the form of tiles. The main material used to make these tiles is clay. Usually, clay is hardened permanently by subjecting it to intense heat treatments. Today, ceramic flooring is made of clay and many other materials. The exact materials used would depend on the manufacturer. That is why the quality, attributes and even the shortcomings of ceramic flooring can vary substantially depending on the brand you choose.

Applications of Ceramic Tiles Flooring
You can install ceramic flooring in your bedrooms and living room but it is more suited for your kitchen, dining area and bathroom. Bedrooms and living rooms would look and feel better with hardwood flooring. But if that is expensive for you then ceramic flooring is a perfect alternative. Ceramic flooring can be used in patios or decks. It can be used on terraces or balconies. Ceramic flooring is widely used in commercial establishments, from cafes to groceries, restaurants to hotels. Offices or any kind of workplace can use ceramic flooring, excluding heavy industries.

Pros & Cons of Ceramic Tiles Flooring
Ceramic flooring is moisture resistant, stain resistant, non-slip material and it can come in matt or gloss look. It doesn’t absorb moisture, it doesn’t hold onto stains, it can be treated to be anti-skid or non-slip material, it is very easy to maintain and more importantly, it is inexpensive. You could get homogenous tiles, you can have ceramic flooring emulating other and more expensive flooring materials and you can choose from innumerable designs or patterns.

Ceramic tiles are a tad heavy, they may feel cold and the degree of comfort is not exactly that of hardwood. But all these easily get negated by the advantages of moisture resistance, price and maintenance in addition to durability.

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