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Coloured Parquet Flooring Singapore


When it comes to designing your home you need to make sure that you choose durable and long lasting flooring that also gives you the aesthetic appeal that you’re looking for. Coloured parquet flooring is the answer for many home owners that enjoy high quality wood flooring that provides a modern appeal that you wouldn’t be able to find with other types of flooring.

What is Coloured Parquet Flooring?
Coloured parquet flooring is like regular parquet but with a new colourful twist. It gives you the ability to maximize the potential of a space by incorporating colours that will accentuate your furniture and aesthetic finishes. In the past, it was only installed in high class estates and has quickly become one of the most chosen floor options in modern homes.

Applications of Coloured Parquet Flooring
Since coloured parquet flooring is so durable and long lasting it can be installed relatively anywhere in your home, especially in high traffic areas. If you want to have a resilient type of flooring that makes a dramatic impact and is easy to clean, be sure to install it in your foyer or in common areas. It is also great for kitchens so that you can add a statement piece to compliment your appliances, countertop, and cabinets.

The Pros and Cons of Parquet Flooring
Coloured parquet flooring is perfect for modern and traditional homes as it is constructed out of high quality oak, offers contrasting colours that customers can choose from, and takes advantage of a new colourful twist that you won’t be able achieve with other flooring types. The main concern that home owners have with coloured parquet flooring is that it includes the application of flooring paint, so you may have to refinish the floors after several years of installation but this is a common thing for any type of high quality oak floor.

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