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Homogeneous Tiles Singapore

The benefits of homogenous tiles have been known for a long time now. They have gained popularity and are now used in almost all renovation projects because of their benefits.

In the market today, tiles are often regarded as one of the most excellent flooring options available. In addition to their beautiful looks, they are also quite comfortable to walk on. Moreover, you will never be at a loss for alternatives when deciding which tiles to use in which areas of your home because there are so many different kinds of tiles available.

However, if you are keen on choosing the best among the many options for tiles, homogenous tiles are a good option. This option of tile recently gained popularity for its durability and easy upkeep. As a result, homogeneous tiles are a popular choice for many homeowners to employ throughout their homes, whether in individual rooms or the whole space.

In this article, we’ll go over what homogenous tiles are and why it’s a good idea to go for them out of all the tiles options in the market.


Choosing the Right Tiles for your Home

Sometimes it may be a challenging experience trying to choose the suitable tiles for your new house. For the most part, this is due to the widespread belief that tiling a new home is a costly endeavor and an irreversible lifestyle choice. Fortunately, the market is stocked with a wide variety of tiles, allowing you to pick and choose the best option for your home. The available tiles option in the market today are:

  • Glazed Porcelain Tiles
  • Coloured Body Porcelain Tiles
  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Homogeneous Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Half Body Homogeneous Tiles

However, replacing your old tiles with new ones, such as homogeneous tiles, would significantly enhance your daily life at home. As such, we are here to assist you in knowing more about these unique tile options. Keep reading.


What are Homogenous Tiles

Homogeneous tiles are often regarded as the most durable flooring material currently available. They are often nicknamed “unglazed tiles” because they lack color. Homogeneous tiles are made from unique materials and clay that can endure heat up to 1500 degree Celsius. Homogeneous tiles are widely utilized in new tile installations and renovations due to their durability and water tightness. Of course, these qualities are achieved by a rigorous firing process.

Compared to glazed tiles, homogeneous tiles do not exhibit any evidence of chipping or wear, making them the ideal material for usage over an extended period. Let’s look at some of their unique benefits over other tiles options.


Benefits of homogenous tiles

1. Specifically designed to withstand a lot of foot activity

Homogenous tiles are ideal for heavy foot traffic. It may be found in shopping malls, schools, hospitals, universities, and public parks. The popularity of homogenous tiles in design and architecture persists due to their adaptability. For this reason, you may find them covering the majority of public buildings as uniform bricks or wall tiles.

2. Chemical and stain resistance

Homogeneous tiles can be disinfected using chemical treatments. However, non-resilient tiles like marble and granite can’t. That’s a great benefit since it makes them less susceptible to fouling. In addition, homogeneous tiles are preferable for usage in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms due to their compact design, resistance to water, and ease of cleaning.

3. Almost impenetrable quality

It is generally accepted that homogeneous tiles are impervious to water and air. Homogeneous tiles have a drastically reduced absorption rate compared to other tile types. For this reason, it surpassed all others in popularity for use in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms due to its waterproof properties. Although the bigger squares of these tiles are typically used in kitchens, the smaller squares generally are utilized for bathroom floors. Research has shown that homogenous tiles allow water to drain more efficiently and flow more freely.

4. Large variety of options

Homogeneous tiles are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Homogeneous tiles are consistent in appearance because of their ceramic or tile origins. They are also long-lasting and impervious to moisture.

5. Simple to maintain

Homogeneous tiles are preferable to marble or granite because of their minimal maintenance requirements. The cost of homogenous tiles is higher than ceramic tiles but lower than natural stone tiles. While actual stone tiles seem beautiful, they require periodic upkeep, such as sealing and polishing, which can add up the costs. In contrast, homogenous tiles require thorough cleaning and wiping to remove any built-up dirt.

6. Safety from falling

Homogeneous tiles are popular in moist areas like bathrooms and kitchens due to their durability. This makes them popular for use on high-moisture floors. On the other hand, tiles with a smooth finish or glaze or tiles made from natural stone should be avoided in high-traffic areas because of their slipperiness.


What You Need to Know About Tiles Installation

Installing a new tile requires careful consideration of the tile’s intended use and location. Likewise, choosing the right tile requires careful consideration of numerous factors.

First and foremost, you have to consider the region’s environment. For example, is it likely to get wet? A high volume of people passing by is also a plus. Next, it’s essential to consider the location, as different tiles are better suited for specific surfaces.

Another factor to think about is the tile’s primary function. For example, in which room do you want to decorate the walls? The kitchen or the bathroom? Or will it be utilized as floor tiles? There are several wall and floor tiles options, but some people prefer to do the task themselves and put aesthetics before functionality. This, of course, is not advisable. Always seek the help of a professional tiles installer near you.


Final Thought

Homogenous tiles are unique pieces that can give you value for your money. However, after thinking through all the logistics, you’re free to pick whichever aesthetic you like. But, of course, after you’ve decided on and purchased the tiles you’ll be using for the project, always engage professional tiles company for supply and installation.

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