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Homogeneous Tiles Singapore

Homogeneous tiles can also be referred to as full body porcelain tiles. They are commonly made of tiling ingredients and a special clay used specifically for making tiles. The tiles are usually passed through fire using temperature of about 1500-degrees, to ensure that the end product is durable and water tight. Homogeneous tiles can also be referred to as unglazed porcelain since their colors are present on the outside of the tile and also on the surface and also throughout the whole surface of these tiles. Homogeneous tiles have mainly found use in the modern day construction and usually display the following pros and cons.

Pros of Homogeneous Tiles

Unlike the glazed tiles, if any of the exposed surface of the homogeneous tiles wears off, it does not reflect as it does in glazed tiles.  This makes them last longer since they do not warp even after many years in use.

  1. Porcelain tiles have found use as an ideal flooring material for places with people’s movement, like outdoor spaces, general public areas, and commercial areas. These are some of the places that most designers and constructors make use of the homogenous tiles.
  2. Homogenous tiles are durable. This characteristic makes them useful as a finishing material in walls and floor surfaces. They have also found use as a cover material for interior spaces. These tiles indeed surpass wood and ceramics in their durability.
  3. Homogeneous tiles usually possess less water absorption quality than that of regular ceramic tiles. This low water absorbing quality makes these tiles acquire use in rooms that are usually exposed to water or wetness like the bathrooms and the kitchen.
  4. Due to their ability to facilitate fast water drainage, homogeneous tiles, which are usually designed as small squares are frequently used as flooring materials in toilets and showers.
  5. Homogeneous tiles are easy to clean, and usually have low installation cost. Compared to stone tiles their maintenance cost is low.

The Common Cons of Homogenous Tiles

  1. Homogeneous tiles are heavy, and if a tile is dropped accidentally, it breaks quickly.
  2. Homogeneous tiles have a very high density that makes it difficult to cut them.

For any person with plan of giving their house a new and beautiful look, or thinking of renovating their house, homogeneous tiles are the best tiles to use.
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