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Kitchen Floor Tiles


When you purchase that new house (or apartment) you have been dreaming about for years, all the paperwork is done, the money has been transferred, you get the key to your new palace – then the hard truth comes. You need to start thinking about furniture, floors, inside doors, etc. The kitchen is arguably the most important part of the house and the floors is not an exception – you needs to spend extra time making sure that the proper kitchen floor tile is chosen for your future.

Different types of kitchen floor tiles
There are three main types of floor tiles for your kitchen – stone, ceramic and porcelain. The last two are pretty similar – they are both created from clay fired at high temperatures to produce a hard and durable tile. The last similarity comes from the fact that you can choose glazed or unglazed.

Porcelain is used mostly when the kitchen and bathroom floors have more traffic than usual. When being produced, sand is inserted to the mixture and that harder tile, ready to resist more people. Colored surface is produced on the glazed option because of the glass-like coating during firing. While producing the unglazed porcelain, color has been added to the clay mixture and the color is carried all the way on the tile – scratches are not shown on the top of the surface. The main drawback for porcelain is the hard instalment – it requires special tools and it is not very DIY friendly.

Regular ceramic floor tiles are softer and when glazed they can be in any color. Because they are softer, they are easier to install which make them the preferred choice for specialists. On the upside, the ceramic handles spills perfectly and are easier to be cleaned.

The tiles made from stone are usually made from natural stone like granite, limestone, marble, slate. They need to be refinished with a good sealer every two or three years. Stone tiles are separated can be done in two different ways – polished on honed. When polishing, the stone becomes very beautiful and you can take full advantage of the natural beauty but are quite slippery when wet. The second option is to hone them and that makes the stone more stable and there is more traction – the downside comes from the aesthetic side – less beauty, which makes them better for practical home owners.

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