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Parquet floor sanding


Maybe you’re flipping a house or just investing in some restoration for that fancy wood floor in your home. Knowing a few extra things about a project before you jump in head first is always a good rule! Firstly, you may wonder what’s so different about a Parquet floor. The simple answer is that it’s a floor constructed using strips of wood in a pattern which interlocks like a giant puzzle. All these pieces are beautiful when put together, making a nice addition to any room.

For the most part, savvy DIY lovers are a little repelled when it comes to Parquet floor, due to all the equipment required for sanding. Although with newer tools and tricks, sanding parquet is easier than it used to be! Today there are plenty of services that offer sanding at cheaper rates, because of these newer tools, which make the parquet floors a much easier addition than it used to be. If you’re thinking about sanding your parquet floors, here are some things to keep in mind!

Firstly give the wood a good cleaning. You won’t want any wax on there, otherwise the wax combined with the sanding will gum up and make a bigger mess. So make sure it’s clean before turning up that sander!

These newer tools are easy and don’t require much pressing. When using them, you won’t have to press into the floors. Also get a handheld sander to get in those nooks and crannies. Giving your floor a nice finish!

Once that’s finished you’ll want to apply a stain, this makes the floor world’s easier to clean later on and gives it a nice finish, perfect for some polishing, and much easier to keep up! Just get a rag and work in small units, wipe down the floor and let it dry for a little and slowly cover the whole floor. Be sure you don’t work yourself into a corner!

Then apply a finish, just lather it on with a brush and wait for it to dry. Then you’re good to go!

Or, to save you all the hassle of doing it yourself, you may want to engage professional parquet floor sanding specialist to give your parquet flooring a good sanding and polishing works.

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