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Parquet Floor Varnish Singapore


One of the main things that you need to remember once you make the decision to have parquet floor installed in your home is that it may need finishing in the future. Varnishing your wooden floors is essential to make sure that they look their best and maintain their integrity throughout the years. Although it might seem like a lengthy process, applying parquet floor varnish helps to protect the wood and make sure that it looks brand new.

What is Parquet Floor Varnish?
A varnish is a material that is used to bring the original shine of the wood to the surface so that it looks freshly installed. It is usually used in the event of scratches as it helps to repair any cosmetic damage incurred over the years. With the help of this glaze you can repair any defects or entirely change the colour of your floor, depending on your preferences. There is also the added benefit of protecting your parquet flooring from future damage as it is essentially a ‘top coat’ or ‘protective coat’.

How to Properly Apply Parquet Floor Varnish
When it comes to applying parquet floor varnish the process is much more than just ‘repainting’ the flooring. First it will need an orbital sander and use a fine-grit type of sandpaper. The floor varnish specialist needs to make sure that he keeps the sandpaper clean as he sands (cleans it every 5 minutes) to make sure that residual dust doesn’t make it harder to get the existing varnish and scratches out of the flooring. Once the sanding is complete, the specialist then cleans the floor to remove debris and begin to apply the polish to the floor. It best method for applying the polish is to start in small sections until the entire first coat is applied. The floor varnish specialist then takes orbital sander and re-sands the floors, cleans, and applies second coat of varnishing.

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