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Roof Waterproofing

When it comes to roof maintenance, roof waterproofing is one of the most important aspects. Waterproofing is essential in the context of damage prevention as well. If water seeps in, it can cause damage to wood floors, internal furniture and internal structure of the house gradually. Then, the entire value of the house will be decreased apart from the unpleasant appearance it creates. Although water is the main concern when it comes to protecting the roof, there is definitely more to waterproofing. The application of waterproofing roof sealant guards can be the solution to various other threats as well. That said, mentioned below are the other benefits you will experience by applying a waterproofing membrane on your tiled roof, metal roof, pitched roof, flat roof, or any other type of roof.


To reflect harmful ultraviolet rays

You may have already heard that the sun’s rays comprise powerful radiation and it is directly fallen onto your roof. So, if your roof is not treated for UV, there is a huge risk. UV rays are one major reason behind broken or missing roof shingles. They can crack, degrade, and warp faster as a result of getting exposed to UV rays. That will eventually make you engaged in roof leak repair work constantly. However, a good waterproof roof coating can eliminate all those annoyances.


To add fire-proofing characteristics

Pretty much all the waterproof sealants can work also as a fire-retardant shield as well. However, before starting the project, you should talk to your waterproofing specialist and learn if the waterproofing membrane they apply has this characteristic. This is particularly necessary for those who don’t have metal roofs. A fire-proofing characteristic, needless to say, can protect your house and nearby houses from potential fire threats.



Waterproofing your roof will also prevent mold and mildew from growing in the house, attic, etc. Even under the high humid climates, waterproofed roofs can prevent bacteria and fungi from growing inside the house. The growth of fungi and bacteria can degrade shingles gradually and eventually, you will have to go for re-roofing works more often. Also, the growth of fungi and bacteria can be dangerous for those who live in the house.


It can lower the temperature of the house

Your roof becomes more reflective as a result of the waterproofing process. In fact, what you invest in a waterproofing coating will save plenty of cooling. This is particularly true when it comes to white opaque waterproof coatings. In general, white roofs are proven to be more effective in reflecting the rays of the sun. As a result, the overall temperature in the house will be significantly reduced. This will eventually result in reducing utility bills.


It is a breathable cover

It is true that the purpose of a waterproof roof is to protect the interior of the house from moisture. However, it can ventilate the home properly. A proper elastomeric waterproofing can wick the outside water and let inside to breathe properly.

You must remember that not all waterproofing processes are the same. For instance, some professional roofing contractors use a special method called the torch-on membrane waterproofing method to deliver better results.

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