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Solid Wood Flooring Singapore


If you are thinking of giving a finishing touch to your house by aiming for high end quality and luxurious look, then you should opt for solid wood flooring. There is a wide range available in the market at a price that is worth its look. The name depicts it too that it has been milled from solid wood and you can apply hue of your own desire. From traditional to contemporary, solid wood flooring can be used anywhere to give a stunning look or enhance the beauty. Due to this reason solid wood flooring has stolen all the limelight. It is best to use them on concrete or plywood subfloor.

First and foremost, these flooring is preferred for better indoor quality as it doesn’t wrap up dust and creates a better healthy environment. This has been proved by research and some studies. Secondly, it is one of the most sought and demanded flooring from the past, where there is a whole range of exquisite design in it too. Let’s brace yourself to know some about different types of wood flooring. Burmese rosewood is a gorgeous timber because of deep red shade of color. It gives a superb finishing touch to everything in the vicinity by providing scratch free protection which comes handy in most of the cases.

Likewise, European birch is enough to make gorgeous patterns which shows its versatility. The best thing about European birch flooring is that it doesn’t have moisture pockets. Lastly, Tasmanian oak solid hardwood flooring can do wonders as it’s not only fresh, but also has a range of shades that’s compliments with any surrounding. For a significant variation to moderate hardness is what really defines American walnut which has made its own importance in the market.

On the other side, solid wood flooring is a bit expensive which depends on the type of timber. Moreover, it is susceptible to scratches and can be easily damaged by excessive moisture aggregating to make it less durable. On the brighter side, this flooring can be repaired easily to use it again. According to your taste, you can decide what type is the ideal flooring choice for your house because a solid wood flooring can transform ordinary things into the classic by making it a timeless beauty of your house.

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