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Teak Flooring Singapore


Ask anyone who is old enough to recollect the days when there was no environmental concern or teak was not as expensive as today and they would tell you that no flooring material can come even remotely close compared to teak flooring.

What is Teak Flooring?
The primary material used in teak flooring is teakwood. You can get solid teak flooring or treated teak flooring in which case other materials have been used along with teakwood. There are many types of hardwood flooring, including teak, oak and beech among others. Teak is considered to be the finest hardwood available. Today, teak is regarded as an exotic wood but it is not all great news if you are opting for teak flooring.

Applications of Teak Flooring
Teak flooring is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, studies and libraries, passages or foyers and even commercial spaces that don’t have to bear heavy industrial operations. Workplaces or offices, executive cabins or retail outlets that deal with apparel and other relatively harmless or nonthreatening items can have teak flooring. Bathrooms too can have teak flooring. You could also have teak flooring on patios or decks. Any commercial space that deals with items that could spill over or would mess up the flooring shouldn’t have teak.

Pros & Cons of Teak Flooring
Teak flooring looks amazing. You get a solid underfoot feeling. Burmese teak has natural resistance against insect, fungus and termites. It is easy to maintain. Tropical hardwood is very durable and can easily outlast an average human lifespan. The visual and structural appeal of teak flooring would increase the value of a property. Teak is water resistant and thus there is no threat from moisture.

There are a few concerns with teak flooring. One, it is very expensive. Two, teak is an endangered hardwood species.

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