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Terrazzo Flooring Singapore


Terrazzo flooring is the best option if you want a floor that is resistant, durable, and spectacular at the same time. What makes this floor so spectacular is the way it’s made. Different types of chips and pieces, coming from marble, glass, quartz, granite, or anything that can be mixed with a binder and set as a floor, can be used. Thus, the floor is very versatile, and there is a wide variety of designs and patterns, so it can be made to fit all tastes and preferences. These type of flooring was created by the Venetian artisans, because of the low costs and intriguing aspect.

If you are wondering where you can use such flooring, you should know that Terrazzo is suitable for both outdoors and indoors. For indoors, it is recommended for the chips to be of a smaller dimensions, so the finite product to have a smoother surface. On the outside, in the creation of patios or pathways, larger chips and a rugged surface can be achieved, if you would prefer. So if you need a flooring with a lower cost, with warm colors and earthly tones, it is time to direct your attention towards Terrazzo flooring.

The aspects that are strongly recommending the Terrazzo flooring are probably its lower costs, making it suitable for covering wide surfaces, its resistance, looking just like in the first day, being this way suited for usage in areas that have to support high traffic. Thus, you will see it in schools, churches, museums, and in other places where people walk on it all the time. But that doesn’t mean the Terrazzo flooring is not great for your home as well. It will look perfect wherever you will need such flooring, like in the kitchen, hallways, bathroom, you name it. And you can give it a particular look by adding precious fragments of marble, quartz or glass. It is entirely up to your imagination because this flooring can fulfil any requirements.

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