Toilet Floor Tiles - Easy Cleaning and Maintenance


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Toilet Floor Tiles Singapore


Your bathroom won’t be complete without toilet floor tiles. This is not only because of aesthetic reason but also because tiles perform a certain function and that is to make your toilet floor smooth so that water can run freely. Moreover, floor tiles are easier to clean than other types of floor such as concrete.

This is why even bathroom wall can be covered with tiles especially in a shower room. When you take a bath, you can’t avoid water and soap bubbles to stick to the wall. If your flooring and wall design are covered with ceramic tiles that have rough surface, the bubbles are more likely to leave some marks and stain.

There is nothing wrong in adding a wall decor inside your bathroom as long as the surface is smooth and stable. On the other hand, floor tiles should not be too smooth so as not to become slippery when it is wet. What is important is that your toilet floor tiles allow you to wipe dirt with either a mop or a piece of sponge.

In other words, maintaining your bathroom will never be difficult if your toilet floor and wall are made of tiles. The same reason is true with swimming pools. Furthermore, toilet floor tiles will tell you whether or not it is time to clean them because they can easily reveal dirt and fungi.

Nevertheless, there are lots of tiles you can use for your toilet floor and wall. You can choose various colors and designs that match the style of your home’s interior. Some are even offered as maintenance free which means you don’t need to keep on cleaning them with toilet cleaner. This depends on the source of tiles you are buying.

Some homeowners prefer toilet floor tiles that can quickly dry. However, this type of tiles entails quick cleaning, too. Otherwise, soap and dirt may cause stain on them. Meanwhile, tiles that stay wet for a long time can be easily washed by running water, but they are slippery because these tiles are usually smoother.

And if you’re planning for a bathroom renovation, it is best to hire a contractor that specializes in toilet floor tiles. It is because most bathroom improvement contractors also have their own supplies of high quality toilet floor tiles. But if you prefer to do it yourself, you can find different types of floor tiles online, and read some reviews before making any purchase.

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