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Vinyl Floor Polishing Singapore


As home owner with vinyl floors you’ll experience the convenience and durability of your flooring, though there are times where it will need to be polished (as with any type of flooring). A vinyl floor polish is a great way to restore the look of your floors so that they can have their brand new appeal through the years. The process of applying vinyl floor polish can be relatively lengthy which is why more home owners choose to hire professionals for the job.

What is Vinyl Floor Polishing?
Vinyl floor polishing helps with floor restoration by using abrasive compounds to remove existing dirt and grime meanwhile sealing the surface of your flooring so that it isn’t as easily affected by stains and scratches. It will require complete equipment to complete floor stripping, sealing, refinishing, waxing, buffing, machine scrubbing, and burnishing so that the tiles can be returned to their original beauty. Applying a great vinyl floor polish is one of the most important parts of owning vinyl floors as it not only helps them to look their best but it also protects it against future damage.

How to Properly Apply Vinyl Floor Polish
To ensure that your vinyl floor polish gives the best protective covering from water and dust contamination, our Floor Polish Specialist will first have to strip your floors with a neutral cleaner. The next step is to buff and refinish the tiles using a floor buffer and a relatively coarse pad, ensure the floors are buffed at a low speed so that there aren’t variations from tile to tile. It is important that the Floor Polish Specialist apply the vinyl non-toxic finishing agents so that the floor can be sufficiently waxed and sealed. Neglecting to seal vinyl after it has been stripped and buffed will just make it easier for stains, dirt, and grim to penetrate the material and ruin your vinyl floors forever.

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