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Vinyl flooring in Singapore


If you are looking for a resilient, durable and waterproof flooring option with easy installation, vinyl flooring must be one of your prominent choices. No matter whether it’s a commercial building or your home, vinyl flooring is a superb option. However, many individuals aren’t much aware what vinyl flooring is. With that said, this article covers pretty much all the basics you need to know about this handy flooring option.


Types of vinyl flooring

Basically, there are four types of vinyl flooring options to consider. Mentioned below are those four types.

  • Vinyl sheet
    Vinyl sheets have minimal number of seams (sometimes, hardly any seams). This type is made with a combination of PVC (resilient), fiberglass (stability), foam gel (comfort, insulation and texture) and urethane (durability). It is easy to install. It can be even glued to the floor if necessary.


  • Vinyl tiles and vinyl plank
    In general, both of vinyl tiles and planks are preferred by DIYers. The manufacturing process is pretty similar to the sheets, but planks and tiles are stiffer and sturdier. It can be easily installed as they generally come with click and lock design.


  • Composition Tile (Commonly known as VCT)
    This is made using a special mixture of ground limestone and vinyl. It is not a flexible material. they usually come in 12”X 12” tiles. These are generally used in environments such as schools. These tiles need to be glued down. This must be done by a professional.


  • Woven Vinyl
    These are textured sheets that are made out of strands of fiberglass and vinyl. You can either glue them down or lay loosely. They come with some springy characteristics. they are stain-resistant, durable and easy to clean.

When it comes to the texture, vinyl offer endless options. These options can range from wooden textures to metallic surfaces and multicolor stripes to limestone textures.


Is it healthy?

One of the most significant benefits associated with vinyl flooring is that it is easy to clean. That is a huge plus point if health is a major concern. If you have kids and pets at home, the potential for spills and drops is huge. On vinyl surface, cleaning of all those substances is a breeze. All you need is to wipe clean the surface with a recommended cleaning solution or even with water. On top of that, some of the vinyl floorings come with antimicrobial coatings as well. Or, some of the vinyl materials come with embed wear layers that comprise of silver particles.


Is it durable?

Durability is another substantial benefit linked with vinyl. If maintained according to the instructions, vinyl can last several decades without any trouble. Moreover, most of the manufacturers offer a warranty period.

Well, that’s what we have to emphasize about vinyl floorings. We hope now you have a good understanding about the options and what to look for when shopping around for vinyl flooring.

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