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Water Seepage Repair – Signs, Causes and Methods to fix water seepage problems

Water seepage is a common problem associated with housing properties and basements. This often leads to an abundance of issues that could ultimately harm the foundation of the house and present a breeding ground for molds. It will cost you excessive money to fix. Therefore, it would be better to fix it as soon as possible than spend large sums getting the water seepage repaired.

Water seepage leaks can easily be prevented especially if you know the cause behind the leak. There are numerous reasons for water seepage. Some common causes include –

  • Heavy rainfall that forces water from the outside to the building
  • Debris and clogged leaves that stop the flow of water or create a puddle in the yard
  • Leaking or broken pipe
  • Leakage in water supply pipes of the upper or adjacent or even your own flat.
  • Deterioration in waterproofing of bathroom seals or floor slabs
  • Leakage in drainage pipes of upper, adjacent, or even your own flat
  • Seepage of rainwater or wastewater through the roof or external wall

Common signs of water seepage

It is essential that you differentiate between the water pipes leakages issue and the waterproofing issue as they are two separate issues.

The water pipes leakages issue would relate mostly towards plumbing system whereas the waterproofing issue would be related to the waterproofing integrity of the leakage area. This basically means that the waterproofing membrane of a specific area might have been damaged or warn off, allowing some water to seem through.

To properly differentiate among the two, you should observe the common signs and they can help you determine the type of problem. In case the water leak detection is found more on the components of water piping framework and plumbing, it is an indication that leakage is related to water pipe structural leakages problem. On the other hand, if you observe that the leakage seems to be happening outside of the pipe work, then you might have a waterproofing issue to resolve.

As mentioned above, it is important to find out if you have water seepage problem or not. Some of the common signs of water seepage include –

  • Relatively poor air quality and dampness indoors
  • Rusty appliances
  • Unexpected mold growth in the bathroom
  • Cracking, bowing, or leaning in walls
  • Water stains appearing on floor, ceiling, and walls
  • Efflorescence
  • Presence of soft spots on ceiling and walls
  • Wall seepage and micro cracks
  • Peeling paint

Treatment methods to fix your water seepage issues                                                                    

Water seepage issues can be resolved using the water seepage repair solution methods that water seepage repair specialists can provide:

  • Tanking system method
    This cementious system is sometimes needed for fast-setting purposes or to fix existing damp substrate. The proprietary waterproofing system needs to have a waterproofing layer or should be allowed to penetrate and then crystallize into substrate pores/capillaries to block the passage of water.This method is regarded as a comprehensive and practical repair choice. However, still need to be careful of poor workmanship as it could cause issues.


  • Chemical Polyurethane injection method
    This method involves usage of polyurethane or any other suitable resin that reacts with water and forms foam to fill in cracks/voids. It is non-toxic and it doesn’t constitute any safety hazard for occupants or workers repairing it.
    The chemical injection method has a high success rate making it a more reliable solution. Also, you can be assured that the performance will not deteriorate with time.


  • Deep penetration method
    This method will involve usage of waterproofing materials that are based on Siloxane/Silane/Silica technology in combination with any silicate penetrating material. The deep penetration method is more effective at stoppage of wall seepage than floor seepage.

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