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Waterproofing : Different methods, applications, and benefits


Waterproofing is an important behind-the-scenes step that you must take to keep your house in the best condition. Not only is it important but it costs very little too. In fact, reports have suggested that waterproofing usually accounts for around 1% of a building’s construction cost but if ignored, it could be responsible for as much as 90% of the damage. There are different waterproofing systems that provide different levels of protection to the structure. The practice of waterproofing the house dates back to ages where different methods are used. Some of the methods include – Cementitious waterproofing method, Bituminous coating waterproofing method, Torch-On Membrane Waterproofing method, Polyurethane Liquid Membrane waterproofing method, and Flood infusion waterproofing method.


Cementitious waterproofing method

Arguably the easiest way of waterproofing, the Cementitious waterproofing is done during construction. Most of the materials used for the Cementitious waterproofing method are readily available and can be found at masonry products suppliers. They are very easy to mix and can be easily applied too.

The application of this waterproofing method is in any internal wet area like toilets, and water plants.

Benefits of Cementitious waterproofing method:

  • Puncture-proof because of the hardwearing nature of cement
  • Can easily be applied in humid or damp rooms like bathrooms


Polyurethane Liquid Membrane Waterproofing

Polyurethane liquid membrane waterproofing method can be used for the flat roof area that is exposed to weathering. Even though this method is expensive but it is still a worthy investment. It’ll offer high flexibility but before application, you should be careful while evaluating the moisture content of the concrete slab, otherwise, de-bonding or peeling of the membrane may happen after some time.

Benefits of Polyurethane liquid membrane waterproofing method:

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Resistant to fuels, battery acid, and alkaline cleaners


Bituminous coating waterproofing method

Asphalt coating or Bituminous coating gets manufactured using bitumen-based materials. The immense flexibility and reliable protection against any liquid substance including water is influenced by the reinforcement of fiber and the polymer grade.

Some of the common application of Bituminous coating waterproofing method includes areas that lie beneath screed wet. This will definitely prove to be a reliable protective coating and a waterproofing agent on surfaces like concrete foundations. However, it isn’t suitable for exposure to sunlight unless modified with flexible materials like acrylic-based polymers or polyurethane.

Benefits of Bituminous coating waterproofing method:

  • No solvent fumes
  • Don’t damage the concrete or plastic


Torch-on Membrane Waterproofing method

The Torch-on membrane waterproofing method is a method used in places such as balconies and flat roofs, just to name a few. It will create a comparatively strong membrane layer made up of bitumen and polymers that protects the walls and floor against moisture and dampness. Because of this property, the torch-on membrane waterproofing method effectively stops water from pooling in certain areas.

Benefits of Torch-on membrane waterproofing method:

  • Protects buildings while also retaining harmony within the building’s environmental surroundings due to the range of mineral finishes
  • Fumes released during the process aren’t harmful to humans


Flood Infusion Waterproofing Method

Flood infusion waterproofing method is a unique treatment that provides excellent waterproofing even without the need of hacking or other intrusive works. This technique utilizes the waterproofing chemicals that are waterborne and for sealing off the concrete and masonry substrates. The organic polymer would be highly resistant to construction and household chemicals, enabling it to provide highly reliable, long-term surface protection.

Benefits of Flood infusion waterproofing method:

  • Suitable to be performed against water pressure
  • There is minimal disturbance to everyday activities while repairing is being carried out

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